Apply for Medicare Part B

Part B is your outpatient coverage through Medicare. Covering preventive and medically necessary services, this is the medical insurance you’ll use at the doctor’s office.

With Part B coverage, you pay a premium each month. This premium may be subject to a penalty if you delay coverage.

Thus, you’ll want to know how to enroll in Part B so you can do so on time and control your health care costs.

Can I Apply for Medicare Part B Only?

There isn’t much benefit to taking only Part B. Most Medicare-eligible people qualify for premium-free Part A. Further, those who don’t qualify and choose not to buy Part A coverage when first eligible face 10% higher premiums each year for double the number of years they delay coverage.

If you’re receiving Social Security benefits and automatically enroll in Part A, you can request termination of the coverage using form CMS-1763. However, this would cause you to lose your Social Security benefits, and you’d need to pay Social Security and Medicare back for any previous benefits.

What Forms Do I Need to Apply for Medicare Part B?

To apply for Medicare Part B, you’ll need to fill out form CMS-40B, the Application for Enrollment in Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). If you have a Special Enrollment Period due to loss of group health coverage through an employer or spouse, you’ll also need to complete Section A of form CMS-L564. You’ll need the employer to fill out Section B of the same form to prove your recent coverage through their plan.

Can I Apply for Medicare Part B While Still Working?

Individuals who are Medicare-eligible can sign up for Part B while still working. In fact, it’s advisable to do so if your group health plan is through an employer with fewer than 20 employees.

However, if you have creditable coverage for Medicare, you can delay Part B with no penalty. Most commonly, creditable coverage is group health insurance through an employer with at least 20 employees.

Part B Outpatient Coverage

How do i enroll in
medicare part b online?

If you're eligible for Medicare, you can sign up for Part B on the Social Security website. You'll need a My SSA account to get started.

How To Apply for Medicare Part B?

Together, Parts A and B comprise Original Medicare. Individuals receiving benefits for at least four months via Social Security or the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) enroll in Medicare automatically upon eligibility. If you are eligible but don’t qualify for automatic enrollment, you can sign up through the Social Security Administration one of three ways.

  1. Online: There is an online option for enrollment on Create a My SSA account if you don’t already have one, then access the portal to sign up for Original Medicare. After completing the process, log into your My SSA account to check on the status of your application.
  2. Over the Phone: By calling the toll-free number for SSA at 1-800-772-1213.
  3. In Person: At your local field office, which you can find using SSA’s tool to search for the office closest to you.

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