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Medicare Advantage (Part C) Enrollment Periods

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Whether you’re looking to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time or are looking to change/drop your current plan, it’s important to understand Medicare Advantage enrollment periods. Each Medicare Advantage enrollment period occurs at a different time and has rules regarding what changes you can make to your Medicare Advantage plan.

Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) enrollment periods are unique to each person, such as the Initial Coverage Election Period and Special Enrollment Periods. Others, such as the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, occur at the same time every year. Below, you can learn more about each Medicare Advantage enrollment period.

If you miss an enrollment period, you will need to wait until the next Medicare Advantage enrollment period to make changes to your coverage.

Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP) for Medicare Advantage

The Initial Coverage Election Period is your first opportunity to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. This period is dependent on when your Part B coverage begins.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MAOEP)

The Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period allows people who already have a Medicare Advantage policy to make a one-time change to their coverage.

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) for Medicare Advantage

The Annual Enrollment Period occurs each year from October 15th to December 7th. During this time, you can enroll in, switch, or drop Medicare Advantage plans.

Special Enrollment Period for Medicare Advantage Plans

If you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period, you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan outside of normal enrollment periods. You must meet specific requirements to qualify for a SEP.

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Allison Auvil

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Ashlee Zareczny

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Ashlee Zareczny is the Compliance Supervisor for ApplyforMedicare. As a licensed Medicare agent in all 50 states, she is dedicated to educating those eligible for Medicare by providing the necessary resources and tools. Additionally, Ashlee trains new and tenured Medicare agents on CMS compliance guidelines. Ashlee is a Medicare expert who specializes in Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D education.